Friday, April 21, 2017

last few weeks

These last few weeks have been just flying by.  The kids are on a mission to finish school-like pronto.  So that's looking like early May.  We have been having play dates just about every day in the afternoon therefore I am not getting my other stuff done that I need too.  I'm the crazy lady who schedules them and love it! So I am doing spelling, devotions and whatever else I need to do at night.  Works out fine just have to get over following MY time schedule all the time.  We are usually done with school by 10 because they are up so early here.  We love our play dates with our friends! 

I always get the kiddos a cheap 1$ squirt gun for Easter and yes I let them have a squirt gun fight at 6:30 am.  They loved it...pretty sure our neighbors didn't.

Just trying to plan what we're all doing for the summer.  School wise that is.  It's looking like math, always reading, finishing road trip(where we study every state), and a photography curriculum.  I have had the photography curriculum for a couple years, just lying around.  Thought we could do it when Odin starts needing credits, then we all can do it as a family.  Excited for this one.  Might also do our last book of Spelling for the curriculum so we can be done with that for Odin at least.  There is just so many choices and sooo many fun things to do as a home school mama!

Just narrowing down what we are all doing next year for high school for Odin.  We will be doing 1 online writing class and the rest with our Heart of Dakota curriculum.  Adding in Spanish too.  Oh boy can't wait for Spanish.  I was terrible at it but I do remember Russian.  She was a fun eccentric teacher-that's why!  
Transcripts here we come.   

We loved the nice weather we had this week. We are hoping to dig the garden this weekend, 2 bigs are hitting up their baptism class, picking up the camper and I get to go on a date with this guy.  
Have a wonderful weekend!