Wednesday, April 26, 2017


1. Abraham is loving books lately.  He'll go grab a few and scoot right on your lap for you to read to him.  He has to get just right for you to start.  It's pretty darn cute and awesome.  
You can tell he's getting older because he's saying a lot more words and talking about stuff more.  He does a lot of hand motions with his words too. He totally gets everything you tell him to do or say to him.  I have to admit he's a smart little guy.

2. This is Gabe's collection of weapons that he was playing with one afternoon outside.  I just love how many weapons they gather to get the bad buys outside.  Not sure how many more he can hold or fit in his pants.
Serious battles going on here.

3. Summer has begun in their little minds.  We have non stop chalking which we love, lots of water and sand going on everywhere and toys laying out every night in the yard.

4. Olivia cracks me up whipping around on these bars.  She has always loved gymnastics- prefers the bars. 

5. We love Scoops...we finally got this guy a kid cone(this thing was huge for a kiddie cone) for himself because he always screams for one.  He was soooo excited to eat this.  Our favorite ice cream ever!!!!

6.  Naps with this guy are so this time with him talking, reading and snuggling.

7.  This guy was so excited about this shirt he just got ...takes after his father being a history buff.  Abraham Lincoln will always be his favorite though.

8. We've been lounging in the tepee in the living room the past few weeks.  It's a magical place with the lights on snuggling with some little ones. Add a string of lights to any place and it's a magical place in my world!

9. This little star loves music and the headphones.  Can his squishiness be any this little man

10.  Always looking for the beautiful in everything...

11. Abraham loves to eat breakfast by people.  He loves his food.  When someone sits at the table to eat, he'll be right there by you.  Everybody knows to make extra or that you're going to have to share with him. 

12 Miah is trying to do his math while loving with 2 others...home schooling rocks~

13.  I started another project...just because.  I haven't finished the other 3 yet. Aren't they sooo much fun!

have a great day!