Wednesday, November 16, 2016

this is how we roll lately...

this is the only way to keep Abraham off the table...

This little star has now taken up biting little people like him when he hugs them.  He gets so excited when he hugs them he bites them on their cheek or on their shoulder.  I have never had this with any of the kids before.  Crazy!  Any ideas besides saying no biting and showing him loving hands because that's how we roll.  

This guy is all Steelers..except the shorts!

This little star gets stuck with whomever!

My handsome officers.

The oldest and the youngest....

Our crazy ghostbuster!

Love this girl..

We picked up Grandma Mimi last Thursday and we couldn't be happier.  We are having a lot of fun with her.  

In the mean time things at the Funkhouser house seem to go in 3's. The treadmill track literally shredded, the dryer broke(all of the rollers) and we need 4 new tires on the suburban.  You gotta love this part of life!

Thank you all for helping us with our sock fundraiser.  We are so thankful and blessed.  It will be going on until December 10th.

  So order socks for yourself, your kids, your cousins, your grandma, your neighbor, your sports team, a stranger, to donate!!! We don't care who you order these super cute socks for, we just want you to order them! And share this story with your friends, because we want them to order socks too! You don't have to know us to help the cause!

Order cute socks, help pay for Abraham's adoption(don't forget to add campfunk in the checkout or we don't get the credit), supply warm socks for a local homeless person, feel awesome! It's that easy!