Monday, November 21, 2016

Fun with Grandma Mimi and enjoying the last warm sunshine
Week 10 and 11

Odin is learning about WW 1, reading war horse and still doing the elements for Science.

Jonah studied about King Richard, Pluto, and reading about Robin hood.

Olivia is learning about the color purple in the early ages, speeiders, and Jesus birth.
Jeremiah is reading Alexander Hamilton and  Benjamin Franklin, and making stamps out of potatoes.

We had a very busy week with appointments and fun and all.
We went to the EAA Museum with our Home school group and it was awesome.  So many cool things. Lots of hands on things too. We could've stayed longer but had to get back.  


Between therapy, dentist appointments, AWANA, 2 kid well checks, Grandma Mimi's christmas shopping, Scoops, the Milwaukee Zoo, Costco, and everything else in between we had a wonderful visit.  It always goes so fast though.  
Thank you for everything!!! 

Our festival finds minus some pictures that we forgot to take.  Lots of sweets..thank you thank you thank you!

Hope you are off to a great week and stay warm!