Monday, November 7, 2016

planets, reptiles, and Cubbies
(week 9)

Odin learned about the start of World War I and  started reading War Horse. He has had a bummer of a cold all week.  He's the only one with his tonsils and he's also the only one who has bad sinus colds that stay forever.

Jonah learned about monks, Uranus and Pluto. This kid cracks me up.  He was literally running up and down the hallway to make his goal on his Garmin the other day.  Dave and I were cracking up.  
I'm making a video next time!

Olivia learned about frogs, turtles and big Sampson. She's been baking, crafting, sanding and sifting and creating all kinds of things.  She always has notebooks going, journals, washi tape, sharpies and colored pencils.  She goes through Sharpies like water.  This lady is rarely bored.  And if she is, you'll know it because she pesters her brothers something fierce!

Jeremiah just started reading Alexander Hamilton. This is how he rolls. Life is good.

Gabe did something big this week.  He went to Cubbies at our AWANA group and loved it.  Meghan thank Jeremiah for helping him/playing with him.  Huge deal for this little star.  He never wants to go to any class by himself so this was a big improvement.  He loved it.  We'll go again and if he does fine, we're signing him up.

I Love how all of you guys love on us.  Thank you for the blessings this week.  We love love love them and feel so blessed.  

Happy monday!!!