Wednesday, November 9, 2016

girls on the run

Running cancer to the ground!

8 Weeks ago Olivia signed up for a program called “Girls on the Run!” She goes to meetings twice a week with other young girls and their adult coaches. At the meetings they talk about their lives and about being a good role model and more. She really enjoys it. Each time they meet they end their class running. Each week they ran a little farther and the goal was to run a 5K.

Olivia needed a running buddy to do the 5K so she surprised Dave by signing him up. Dave used to run many years ago but he had to stop after his knees were injured. He played a lot of soccer when he was younger and it is finally catching up to him. The most running he has done lately has been only a mile so he was a little worried when she told him about the 5K.

He was a trooper and started training. Almost everyday he worked out and kept increasing his time on the treadmill. Dave said he needed to do it anyways and doing something for Olivia as her running buddy made it fun.
A couple weeks ago they had their first test 5K run. They ran and walked but they did it. They finished the full 3.1 miles!

 We were so proud of them.
The official 5k was last weekend in Appleton. It was a big event. Girls on the run groups came from all over the area and they all ran the 5k. Dave and Olivia did it too. They ran most of it but walked too. Dave said he felt great and his knees held up just fine. They even beat their practice run time by 5 minutes!
The run was made even more special as it was on Dave’s 3rd Cancer Birthday. 3 years ago he was diagnosed with Stage 4 head and neck cancer. 3 years later after 3 surgeries radiation and more he ran a 5k. Awesome. 

Praise God. 

These were her prayer markers for every her heart.

We also are excited about a new fundraiser(to finish paying off Abraham's adoption) starting next week just in time for the season.

 Have a great Wednesday!