Monday, September 5, 2016

school starts officially

We found this at a rummage sale.  Jeremiah cannot stop playing it.  In fact he'll ask someone to play it and right away they'll interrupt and say we are not playing Monopoly again.  Pick a different game dude.

Our little stars love to shoot hoops. We did as kids all the time too.  Our hoop was connected to the garage so our ball was always getting stuck behind the board.  Dodging Abraham's head with the balls is the next challenge.

Even though we started a few weeks ago we had our official ice cream for breakfast this week.

(cheesy smile)

This little star loves to go into our mudroom/laundry and go into everyone's cubbies and take out their money or their tickets we give them.  This totally keeps him occupied.

Olivia woke up the other morning and wanted rainbow pancakes. I would've been starving by the time she ate them.  It took her a good half hour to put them all together.  Love her creative heart.

We made a whole bunch of goodies for a good friend of ours that moved to the country.  Of course we made extra for us too.  Love this stuff.

Olivia doing my hair.  For some reason every time she does she inserts a million clips and bands.  

Odin and his little comics he comes up with.  He has always loved to draw.  Love the simple stick figures.

 Rainbows make everyone smile..have a good day!