Friday, September 2, 2016


So I did a little study on how much milk we drink.  I was completely blown away.  Dave and I don't drink it and neither do Olivia or Gabriel.  So between 3 boys and 5 cups a day for Abraham we go through a whopping 11-14 gall. a week.  I never would've imagined that.  Crazy!
I would totally get them raw milk but it's just so darn expensive here so we settle for 2%

This little star is getting so many teeth.

I thought it was christmas when we set up all the homeschool stuff these last few weeks.  The kids excitement was crazy.  My kids love getting out their books and were ready to start.

Olivia painted this cute little camper for me...

Yes ...this really is a size 15.  He just turned 13 and he's wearing a size 15.  We found them for only $30.  Bonus.  If anybody knows where to find bigger shoes please let me know.  I have no idea.

We have been gone for 9 days at the State park so we are smelly and sweaty and doing catch up and clean up since we just got home late yesterday.   Pictures will come.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!