Friday, September 9, 2016

Peninsula State Park

This little star loves to bike with me while I walk. Love that time together. She never understands why I can't hear her talking to me this way.

Jonah passed out in my parents camper.  Kids can sleep in some amazing positions.

Missing our weekly play dates and lunch with our friends since summer started.

Thank you Alice for loving our family so much and for the fun day.

We had so much fun biking(Odin got to pull these 2 little stars in the trailer), swimming, hiking, walking, eating, talking and just hanging out at Peninsula. We had beautiful weather with just 2 days of rain.   It is our favorite place.  Almost every day we went to Sister Bay for swimming fun for about 4-5 hours.  Everyone was busy even the 2 littles kept busy with the park nearby. My pictures are not the bast because all I had was my phone but you can see we had a good time.

This just makes my neck hurt.  He totally passed out this way.

So many people walked by and looked so crabby at us about this.  They were so glad we had the puddle and not them.  Abraham had a blast in it.

Love cute little old couples that we meet.

Have a fabulous Friday!

****We are all sooo excited for the football season.  We all made our pre-season super bowl predictions.
Odin's team barely won last night!