Monday, September 12, 2016

first full week
We had a great first full week at school.  Odin and Jonah seem to be up by 5 and done by 9 including breakfast and exercise. Olivia and Miah seem to be getting up between 6 and 7.  Which is great.  They are crabby if they don't get enough sleep.
 Odin is studying economics, learning about John Hudson Taylor and other missionaries, in science he's learning about making bubbles and putting out  flames. Let me tell you...he almost burnt the house down doing a chemistry project.  He ran over to the neighbors adn got a match from her.  I never carry those in the house.  I forgot about how nice old style wooden matches are.  She gave us the box and he carried on with his project. He was holding the match downward so long it burnt the whole way up.  He freaked out because the flame was so big he threw the match on the box of matches that were sitting on a paper towel.  Good lord I screamed so loud I woke up Olivia!  Lesson learned.  He is also reading Under The Hawthorne Tree and Gunners Run(World War 2).  Loves them both!

Jonah is learning about the solar eclipse, the solar system, and  learning about the apostles.

Olivia was learning about the bear family, sea turtles and what covenants were.

Jeremiah is reading George Rogers Clark and Louis Braille and learning all about Columbus. Also studying the seashore and all about waves.  He loves both of his books right now.  Big win at the Funkhouser house.  This little star last year struggled with reading.  Seriously...hated(we never say that word) it.  We've been praying for this since then and it's really happening.  He loves it so much he reads 1 book before bed each night.  

Then there's Gabriel..... tried his hand at Preschool. We take him to KCP (3 mornings a week for 2.5 hours)where all the other kiddos went for 1 year.  First day was terrible.  He was like a demon.  Good golly I felt bad for the other children and parents there.  He has some lungs on him!  All he did was cling and hold onto me so tight I had to peel him off when I left.  The teachers obviously are so good with this and have dealt with this many of times before.  Not too long after I was home and he was doing just fine.  Thank goodness for emails from the teacher and for the neighbor boy Jaxon being in his class.  He loves that guy.  That's all he talks about.   Day 2 was great.  No tears.  Whew!

Olivia stuck this in his bag...


Abraham is looking for him at home. Those 2 are like little rascals jumping on each other all the time.   I feel like I forgot a kid somewhere when I'm schooling the kids.  Always doing a head count for 2 littles and now it's 1 little. 

I'm digging routine.  I love it.  I love schedules, to do lists, homeschool, reading, hanging with my stars all day.

Forgot we're babysitting 3 kids once a week for the school year for a few hours which adds to extra fun.

Have a great Monday!