Thursday, August 11, 2016

Soul Safe
Sometimes us mommas lie awake at night worrying about the things of the world and these little ones growing up in it.
 Sometimes I wish I could just lock all the doors and keep all the evil out.
Things are broken in this world but I want to keep your souls safe.
I want the light in your heart to stay on when the world around you gets dark.
There is a God who loves you and he's got the whole world in his hands. 

 But there will be days when it won't feel that way.  

There are things happening in this world which we will never understand. 

Keep praying to the God we talk about. 

That God who is real but you cannot see.

God is always here.

 He will always show up even if you have a little speck of faith you are holding onto. 

 Every once in awhile you will be able to feel him.  

The warmth of his embrace.
You'll have to do war my little stars

 You will have to look at unbelief in the face and scream the truth you've got tucked deep down in your heart.  

Kick doubt and fear to the curbs or it will cling to you like something fierce.

 Sin broke this whole place, not God.
Keep running to your maker. 

 He chooses to help the world through your hands.

Your feet. 

 He'll shine through your eyes and joy will show up in your smile. 

 You will show the world a different way. 
And when you're afraid about your life, remember God knows the number of your days(Psalm 139:16)He's with you on every single one of them.
Don't ever forget that there is a forever after this. 

 God's kingdom will reign.

I'll help you see that this broken world is good.  

There is God's beauty all around us.
You must keep searching.
Even when you're grown and gone I'll carry you in my heart and keep chasing you with my prayers.   

I love you my little stars...