Tuesday, August 16, 2016

ear infections and pesky kids

I found this in one of Jonah's notebooks. This guy keeps trying his contacts but is just not ready for them yet.  He really gets sick of wearing his glasses and having to take them off for things all the time.  We will keep trying!

My dear Olivia has been making clothes, out of her old stained clothes  like something fierce. glued, scrappy and barely held together but oh so sweet.

Poor Abraham has no idea what his siblings to do to him.

This is hilarious...

This little star is always leaving notes for us every where.  

My garden is doing good.  We were very picky and choosey about what to plant.  My watermelons are getting a little crazy so we keep having to cut them back. They weigh 10 pounds already. The kids love the garden.  

More friends over for pizza fun and an ice cream sundae bar.  Crazy how much ice cream and pizza kids can kill.

I was able to get away with this one for a date this week and it was sweet.  I love being able to get away from the craziness and just hang out with each other.

Update on my wedding ring...we are getting a new one made with a diamond we already had.  Thankful that it will work out and will not cost us a fortune.

This last week was a long one with sickness and such.  We had a few kids with a seal cough, double ear infections and  lots of green boogy noses.  We've been taking Gabriel to therapy and we're pretty sure he brought it home from there.  It has only traveled to Abraham and Jeremiah and we're hoping it stays that way. Abraham is beyond crabby and clingy. 

I think all the kiddos are ready to start school full time here.  All of them are getting a little pesky with each other and are starting to get bored with our daily rituals here.   

Have a great Tuesday!