Thursday, April 28, 2016

festival foods, a brothers love and randomness

We have an adorable batman in the house. We were going through all of our dress up clothes.  A lot of them are going into the rummage.  

Some things the kiddos spent with their festival foods gift cards.  They loved shopping and getting anything they wanted.  They continue to budget everything and look forward to them every month.  Thank you for the pig gift card too. We are so blessed~

This little man rocks.  He doesn't sleep much but he's so happy throughout the day.  We are so blessed.

Odin made a solar powered fan for school.  It was pretty cool.  They all loved how fast it went in the sun.  The 2 bigs are done with school except for Math and Language Arts. It is so nice.

We all have lots of time for snuggling when you home school.

I found this on the stove in the early morning hours.  Love Liv's positive attitude.  Lately this little lady has had a hard time with self control...We all seem to in some sort of fashion.
Some days are harder than others.  What would we do without grace and forgiveness?

She made these to sell at the rummage sale.  She's trying to make some money for herself.

Hope you are all having a good week.

Monday, April 25, 2016

 Birthday Blessings

Ya' all know how I don't like all the birthday attention so I chose to go bless others and love on them for my birthday.  We saved 40 jars and filled them with lots of beautiful flowers. Then we went out and blessed 40 random people with some love.  

It was so much fun watching the kids run all over the city leaving some love on peoples doorsteps.

These were some pictures Dave snapped on my birthday and my dad's.

Of course we made Chocolate Reese's Peanut butter cake ..our favorite.

My those cheeks!

It's so easy to love on others...go on and spread some love!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

14 things

1.The little star rocks.  We have had 3 good nights of sleep 

2. This is quite the battle going on at the Funk's. There is always a battle going on here.  With toys and in our lives.

3.This was a huge gift basket from Gift of Adoption.  We were blessed by them with a wonderful grant.  The kids loved everything about it.  Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts.

4. Yes, this happened before we were going to church, running late and Dave's working.  One of those mornings which we all have...right?

5. their ideas that they come up with.

6. We are all happy to have warmer weather. Lots of running around being crazy outside going on here.

Jonah is using quite the force on Liv.

7. This guy is never short of any love in this house.  

8. We've been resorting to just plain old chocolate chip cookies every week.  They never get old in this house.  And you can never have too many!

9. His cheesy smile is awesome.

10. Bag of treats from my dear loving daughter.  This one included all sorts of goodies.  I'm running out of room to store all these wonderful things she gives me. If anybody likes something they me and I'll be glad to nicely hand it off to you!

The bookmark cracks me up. It makes me think of cucumbers on my eyelids and being in a deep sleep. Which would never happen at this house.

11. Thank you for the cookies, donation for Abraham and all the coupons.  We love you guys!

12. Those cheeks!

13. Easter Egg dying always rocks.   These 3 were the main ones that did it this year.  They were having fun experimenting with the colors. 

14. Thank you for loving our family~  
You rock and we love you dearly!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Day to Day

Olivia lays out her clothes for herself and she started to do mine and leave me notes on them. Love how she plans her outfits everyday.  

this little man is ready for summer

Love reading by my kiddos. Love, love, love to read.  I have at least 3 books going at once.  Love to read certain books only though, I'm kind of picky.  This happens daily and I enjoy it immensely!

Olivia poured her heart out into this little note to her little brother.  It totally melts my heart.  Just love how real they are.  We are so blessed.

This is how we roll most days.  Abraham is somewhere on the go on the floor and Gabriel is always on the table.  Living and doing life together and loving it.

He's getting his first card board box ride.

Love these little snapshots of our lives.  We are so blessed.  

Hope your day is filled with love!

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