Wednesday, April 20, 2016

14 things

1.The little star rocks.  We have had 3 good nights of sleep 

2. This is quite the battle going on at the Funk's. There is always a battle going on here.  With toys and in our lives.

3.This was a huge gift basket from Gift of Adoption.  We were blessed by them with a wonderful grant.  The kids loved everything about it.  Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts.

4. Yes, this happened before we were going to church, running late and Dave's working.  One of those mornings which we all have...right?

5. their ideas that they come up with.

6. We are all happy to have warmer weather. Lots of running around being crazy outside going on here.

Jonah is using quite the force on Liv.

7. This guy is never short of any love in this house.  

8. We've been resorting to just plain old chocolate chip cookies every week.  They never get old in this house.  And you can never have too many!

9. His cheesy smile is awesome.

10. Bag of treats from my dear loving daughter.  This one included all sorts of goodies.  I'm running out of room to store all these wonderful things she gives me. If anybody likes something they me and I'll be glad to nicely hand it off to you!

The bookmark cracks me up. It makes me think of cucumbers on my eyelids and being in a deep sleep. Which would never happen at this house.

11. Thank you for the cookies, donation for Abraham and all the coupons.  We love you guys!

12. Those cheeks!

13. Easter Egg dying always rocks.   These 3 were the main ones that did it this year.  They were having fun experimenting with the colors. 

14. Thank you for loving our family~  
You rock and we love you dearly!