Thursday, April 28, 2016

festival foods, a brothers love and randomness

We have an adorable batman in the house. We were going through all of our dress up clothes.  A lot of them are going into the rummage.  

Some things the kiddos spent with their festival foods gift cards.  They loved shopping and getting anything they wanted.  They continue to budget everything and look forward to them every month.  Thank you for the pig gift card too. We are so blessed~

This little man rocks.  He doesn't sleep much but he's so happy throughout the day.  We are so blessed.

Odin made a solar powered fan for school.  It was pretty cool.  They all loved how fast it went in the sun.  The 2 bigs are done with school except for Math and Language Arts. It is so nice.

We all have lots of time for snuggling when you home school.

I found this on the stove in the early morning hours.  Love Liv's positive attitude.  Lately this little lady has had a hard time with self control...We all seem to in some sort of fashion.
Some days are harder than others.  What would we do without grace and forgiveness?

She made these to sell at the rummage sale.  She's trying to make some money for herself.

Hope you are all having a good week.