Tuesday, March 1, 2016

sleeping babies, school and thank you
Well...we went through the doll clothes and a lot of Olivia's girl stuff a few weeks back so we could get rid of it.  This was funny.  They ended up playing with it all one more time then I washed it and priced it.

Miah laid Abraham down next to him and he totally passed out.  They didn't want me to move him of course. This melts my heart...I love these moments.

6 month check up time...

We started a new art class on some DVD's.  It's going ooook as the kids would say.  Learning about lines and composition.  They think the lady/teacher is hilarious.  We've had the series for a few years so we though we'd finally do it.

They never tire of sledding.  I missed it this year with Abraham in the house. 

They never want  me to move him when he falls asleep.They love these moments.  I think if it were up to them they would always take babies in the house.

Thank you for the surprise goodies and love we got in the mail.  The kids love surprises!

The kids are counting down the days until school is done.  We barely took any days off this year so we will be getting done a lot earlier.  Looking like early May

Olivia doing a science project on birds beaks and what and how much they can grab and eat with them.

Odin building a rocket for Science.

Break time always includes tiles and Legos

Praise the Lord I am ready for spring. We are excited to be adding on to our garden this year and taking the things out that we didn't like. Olivia loves the garden so much she asked for a basket to gather the goods in.  She's still wanting chickens like her mom.  Maybe someday.  
  We have been working on our rummage stuff.  If you have things that you would like to donate, please bring them over or shoot me an email.  
Have a wonderful Tuesday!