Friday, March 4, 2016

5 things

1. Dave and I bowled and it was great. If I could steal a pair of bowling shoes and get away with it.  I would.  I love those things.  I can never find a pair to buy anywhere.  
  We love bowling!

2. Olivia left this for me on my bed after I showered...she loves Abraham so much and she's putting every dollar she gets toward his adoption.  Keep spreading the word.  We are stiillll waiting for a court date.

3. We have been battleshipping it daily here again.  The electronic version is so much more fun. A tad tricky with a  6 month old on your lap. Odin had got this for his birthday many years ago and we love it.  

4. So we figured out this guy doesn't like green beans, garbanzo beans, peas or carrots. He immediately puked when they entered his mouth. Puking is totally worth a picture in this house!

5. This is how excited the kids are for goodies daddy brought home from the conference.  He comes home bearing lots of pens, notebooks and flashlights.  I love that they love the  little things in life!  Journals and fun writing gadgets are always a hit in our house.  

Happy Friday!