Tuesday, February 2, 2016

More sickness has entered the Funkhouser house..

This little one started puking during the middle of the night Friday night and Saturday morning.  By Monday Dave and I had the flu bug.  Then Tuesday night Gabe wouldn't stop crying and was so restless.   He complained about his ear so I took him in ASAP on Tuesday.  Of course he had a raging ear infection and sinus infection.  This is never ending.  Praying Abraham doesn't get any of it. At this point I'm thinking we will never go to a bounce house again. 

These were some funny pictures I came across from when we went to get Auntie Annie from the airport. Occupying children in a airport is always comical with our family. 

Olivia made these with some homemade clay and whatever else she found around the house. They were such cute little friends.

This little guy loves being outside.  I like it when he stays outside longer than it takes me to get him dressed though. 

Abraham is doing great.  He loves the Johnny jumper as long as someone is talking to him or by him.

You gotta love the winter clothes.  Seriously.  There is so much stuff to step over.  I just let it all sit in piles until the end of the day when they are all done.  Then we dry it.  If it was their choice they would dry it every time they came in.  

Olivia made these and they were darling..

It felt so good to get the tree out and put Christmas stuff away.  I'm not sure why that always is.  It is so exciting to get things up and celebrate Jesus's birthday but when early January comes and there's needles all over the floor it's time to move it out and start cleaning.

Odin moved the tree out for me this year and Olivia did the vacuuming..

This little star fell asleep to the vacuum..


Gabriel likes his stash of super heroes too.  Every time I try to get rid of something he always wants to play with it.  The secret night ninja will have to make things disappear I think.

Jonah had all sorts of things cooking the other day for everyone.  Our kids love to cook for others.  We're talking eggs, pancakes, mac and cheese...easy here folks!

Hope you all had a great weekend.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!