Tuesday, January 12, 2016

 Longest weekend ever...

This is how this little big guy likes to fall asleep lately. Well he had his 4 month check up on Friday and we chose to do 1 shot.  We will go back every month and get 1 at a time and go  from there.  He did great this time.  He only cried a few seconds.  

Dave was gone for 4 days and it just so happened that half of the kids were sick including myself.  We all had different things going on. Serious sinus stuff, a whopper of a cough, fever and flu like symptoms  without the puking took over me Friday night on. It wiped us out..literally.  Odin had it first then Gabe, Olivia, Abraham and I got it. Having 2 littles with colds is not fun let alone you being sick.  My mother was a savior!  She stayed with us and helped Saturday and Sunday.  Thank you mom for all of your help.  I was seriously ready to throw in the towel! 

Love these encouraging notes left for me from Olivia...she's so sweet always thinking of others.

(this one was by my clothes when I came out of the shower)

this one was after I put Gabe down for a nap...

This little guy is so much fun...
We will be going to Mayo this week for the regular 3 month poking and prodding.  Please pray for clear test results,  good kids and for the rest of Abraham's adoption funds.  Our adoption finalization is coming in a few months.
Thank you for loving on us we are truly blessed!