Saturday, January 16, 2016

All Clear
We traveled to Minnesota for yet another follow up appointment for Dave. This was his 8th follow up visit. A full two years of recovery. They told us from the start that the first 8 appointments are the most important. If Dave made it past 8 follow ups with clear signs then his chances of surviving this would increase a lot as time goes on.

PRAISE THE LORD another "All Clear" from the doctors! 

They are still concerned about the nerves in his neck so he starts a new diet and work out program on Monday, but NO CANCER. They were amazed at how well he is doing. It's hard to imagine that just two years ago Dave nearly died but now he is an amazing example of God's ability to heal. 

Here is a photo of Dave having one of his scopes. They use a thin tube and push it up his nose and down through his throat. Dave's had so many of these he is champion at them now. He says they hurt like hell but he knows it is important so he fights the pain.

 Our awesome Dr. that we love so much.

 Thank you to Jasmine and Eric and my parents for taking care of all the kiddos.

Some of you asked if you could make an anonymous donation through gofund me and you totally can.  Easy peasy.  Just don't write your name in the spot where it asks for your name.  Thank you for loving on us and for all of your prayers.