Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Break
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  We had an extra special Christmas with Auntie Annie here with us.  We were hoping for snow before she left but it seemed to have come a day late.  We wanted to go sledding with her. 
We had a wonderful time.  We watched lots of movies, ate lots of food and she even took us to see Star Wars and out for pizza.  Thank you for the awesome memories!

Everyone was excited to have the snow in our house.  They were out there early in the morning playing and shoveling. 

Thank you for loving us dear friends.

Olivia has been sewing like crazy with my mom.  She made little sleeping bags and pillows for her hedgehog.

 blurry but you get the idea.....winter wonderland

 Olivia did the table for Christmas.  She just kept adding stuff as she went.  

She made beautiful cards for each person.

Made a few gingerbread houses which nobody ate except Miah.

 Thank you for the cute little outfit Grandma Mimi.  He passed out just like this.

Our delicious birthday cake for Jesus..

Thank you for the wonderful gifts, the donations for Abraham's adoption, and gift cards.

Our fun food box from Papa and Nanee

The hats from Papa Paul and the beautiful sign from Sarah were a hit!

Thank you for loving on us!