Wednesday, November 11, 2015

 2 different ER's and delicious food

Olivia and her love for photography.  I love when we download the pictures and we see  these beauties. She loves to prepare and serve others.  She just takes a picture of what she loves and it's great.

They are all chopping something here.  They seem to always argue over chopping things.

Love these...

Such a sweet smiley dude..

Pumpkin chocolate chip bread to bless others with.  So tasty..

Olivia was learning about hieroglyphics and had to made a stone tablet from scratch.

She has been painting everyone's face with watercolors.  Miah and her were in the bathroom for about an hour coming up with different designs.

So Abraham got his first shots last Thursday.  By Saturday he was like a new baby.  Completely in pain and irritable.  Screaming his head of like he was in pain.  On and off throughout the day and night.  He would scream for about 30 minutes and nothing would help. Scrunching up his legs, puking a bit here and there and he had dark grey colored watery/poop for the whole week.  I thought it was a flu bug or something so I waited until Thursday to take him in. I called the nurse on line and she thought he was having interception from the rotovirus vaccine and she said to take him to the ER immediately.  Why didn't I call sooner?
I check in by 6:30 at Sheboygan Memorial.  We get into a room right away because he is screaming for about 20 minutes in the waiting room.  Then the wait begins.  I love how they transfer rooms  and you just keep waiting, waiting, waiting. They did an ex-ray of his bowels and that was fine.  Of course he was happy there for the next few hours.  The Dr.'s there told me they do not have the equipment or the right staff for pediatrics.  Nice...that's reassuring.  Glad they are honest.  SO she calls the Dr. at Children's and runs everything by him.  They want to see him to rule out interception. They preferred to take him by ambulance but I had to go home and take Jonah home and I needed some things for Abraham.  Dave willingly took Abraham and Jonah wanted to go with to see the big city lights.  My kids love big city lights!  Too funny.  The 3 hours at Sheboygan were killing him.  Dave left for Children's at 9:30.  Long night ahead..  They arrived at the ER in Milwaukee and waited to get in a room for 2 hours. Needless to say he screamed the whole time.  Dave didn't think about bringing earplugs for everyone there though so they were not happy.   I'm sure everyone loved them!  They did an ultrasound  on him and they said he probably just has acid reflux and if there was a blockage of some sort it passed already.  They gave him a prescription and then they could be on their way.  They got home by 4:30 a.m.  7 hours at Childrens' and Dave had to work at 8...Uugh.    

This little star just started getting better yesterday.  Less screaming and a happy baby all around.  I've been checking into some things on vaccines and seeing where we'll go from here. 
Just a I always say!!