Monday, November 16, 2015

 Thanks and Sunsets

Thankful for a prayer blanket from little hands.

Gabe found these in Olivia's old clothes box.  We were trying to get rid of things here and he kept taking things out and trying them on.  We kept the cherry shoes.  No girl clothes for this guy.

Watch out..
Everyone is always loaded with some kind of weapon at this house.

yup..we got out our winter stuff and started going through all that stuff.  Seeing what fits and what doesn't.  Amazing how much they grow every year.

Love her wars leggings (she bought), along with a Captain America shirt and finishing it off with a flannel and black boots!

Gods' beauty..

Love this thing...

Jonah accidentally leaned the broom handle against a mirror of mine and went to grab it and it fell and shattered into pieces.  We cleaned it up and threw it outside in the big dumpster.  I later found this on the counter by my work space.  This is totally Jonah style.  He went outside and dug it out of the dumpster.  

Poor Abraham's head...first picture of 6 kiddos

What beautiful weather we had here.  Loving these last few days of fall. We had a fun weekend.  Went to a friends house for dinner, got out the Christmas lights and Dave put them up, (not on, just up) church and free bounce house time after church at Cosmic Bounce.  Everyone is staying healthy and they are all excited to celebrate Jesus birth.  We are working on our random acts of kindness for December and our Christmas letter.  I'm excited to send one out this year.  It's been a few years.  

Gather just enough for today. There will be more for tomorrow.  Let that something hovering go, give over tomorrow to him, and gladly receive this day and the just enough it brings!

Have a great Monday!