Wednesday, September 30, 2015

an update on Abraham...
Court was delayed until next Weds. at 8:30. There was some miscommunication between the birth mom and others so the judge had the case pushed back a week.  Thanks for your prayers.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Please pray....

Abraham's hearing is Weds. at 11:00 
Please pray for peace for all involved,
pray for god's will to be done 
and that the outcome is part of God's plan for Abraham.
Thank you for all of your love and support and for all of the continued blessings you all pour on us.  
We love you guys dearly.

Love Wins

We are a third of the way there. 
 Keep praying

Thank you for loving us.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Olivia, Abraham, RAK, and thank you

Olivia likes to pretend that we always have a full table.  Loves to entertain and serve others.  However we never set the table in this house. Just doesn't happen with a 2 year old running around.  We are a  buffet style family here folks.   Nothing fancy here and our doors are always open for fellowship.

She set up a little picnic for us outside for us so we could hang out.  She is so much fun! A little vase of wild flowers and all. She got a little teary saying a prayer.

Working on her Black Widow costume for Halloween.  She is a crazy marvel girl.  She spent $1 on fabric paint and that was all. Did the whole thing herself.  

This is how we roll for school with a newborn and a toddler. 

These are precious...

Our first day of cream sundaes for breakfast. 

Blessings of delicious meals.. thank you, thank you, thank you

I stayed away from these bad boys or you will see me be having an eating disorder again in a heartbeat.

 Feeling guilty that we haven't done any random acts of kindness this last month or 2 so we decided to make some sugar love and start spreading some.

Thank you for your continued donations, meals, gifts, diapers formula and prayers.  

Keep spreading the word.

Love Wins

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


when you stand for God you don't have to fear what people can do to you at
the lowest point in your life, it can be the greatest starting point for the greater things God wants to 

Love this

Finding it harder to write on this blog right now with a fussy babe at home.  Our social worker came yesterday and did a house visit.  She got to see him be fussy and thanked me for being so patient.   She doesn't have any kids.  It does take a lot of patience with a fussy baby and the kids are doing awesome with patience as well.  They get it.  
Not every day is rainbows and unicorns at our house.  We have been schooling a few weeks now and that is going great. Sometimes schooling looks like life at our house. We seem to finish by 11 and then do spelling, devotionals and maybe writing in the afternoon.    Every component of our homeschool is impacted by the presence of little people who need love from mama too.  

Flexibility is key here- when I get frustrated by the daily juggle of bigs and littles (and I do), I have to remind myself: you are where you are, and God meets you right there

The kids have been serving each other a lot lately which just makes me smile.  All on their own.  No prompting. I came across these pictures when Dave downloaded the camera.  I never even saw them do this or take the pictures.  They love to cook for people.

Thank you for the donations and meals this week.  We are so grateful.  We are so thankful for all of you loving on us.  Keep spreading the word.  We just have the attorney fees left to pay and the 2nd part of our adoption fee. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Loooong week
We had a great first few weeks at school.  Getting into a new groove adding a newborn to the mix.  Lots and lots of grace and patience and serious amounts of coffee...just for a season right?  Kids are up at 5ish ready to start school and some times a few of them will sleep until 6.  That means they miss saying by to daddy which is a huge deal in our house.  Everybody has been very helpful with Abraham and occupying or helping Gabe when he needs it.  It gets a tad hairy sometimes in the house but I love it.

School curriculum is going great.  We are using Heart of Dakota and love it.  Miah is the only one who wished he could just play all day.  I keep praying for him to have a love for learning...someday.  I'll keep dreaming!   Lots of reading, hard math,  history and science projects galore.  Language arts is the real killer when your in the upper grades.  It takes lots of time and quiet concentration.  Quiet in our house is very rare..only during quiet time at noon.  Love the days when  I get someone coming and ringing the doorbell when the kids are sleeping.  I seriously want to ring their neck. 

Dave was crazy busy at work and then the power outage in town caused quite a stir.  Our kids thought it was like Little house on the Prairie for a short time. They were wishing it happened at night time though.
We have been going through our rummage for next year and working on that.  Now that we have Abraham we are pricing all the girls clothes I have.  Wow...I have 25 Rubbermaid's of girls clothes that I have collected for 9 years.  All such new, clean and beautiful things.  Excited to sell it but it also brings back so many memories of when Olivia was little.  So many cute shoes too.  Some of the things were from a friend too.  Wish we could do the rummage now for the adoption but it will have to wait until May.  We are taking as much as we can to the resale shop to get some money towards the adoption. 

This guy having fun with labels while I'm doing rummage.

Olivia wanted to keep these shoes just in case she has a little girl someday.  She wore a lot of high tops.

We got our court date for the termination of parental rights for the birth mom and dad.  It will be September 30th at 11 in Milwaukee County.  Then from there we will finalize our adoption in 5 months.  Then he will legally be ours.  Keep spreading the word about our gofundme site.

God has been so good and faithful and we feel so loved from so many of you.  
Those of you who were praying for Miah...thank you.  He is doing 100% better with the issues he was having. 
We have had a lot of really cool god moments since this adoption.  Our car broke down and was fixed.  Then a few days later we got a check for the car in that same amount.  
We got a check from the dealership we got our old car from in 2003 and they refunded us some money.  I guess they overcharged us there.  Sweet deal!
When your car dies and your waiting at a park and ride...we do anything we can to pass time.

We have been able to sell a few things on ebay and  our friends had an awesome brat fry for us(worked their behinds off) and raised money for our adoption.  Thank you church family for continually loving on us.   
Thank you for your continued prayers, meals, gifts and donations.  

Love Wins

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Last few days of summer recap...
and a huge Thank You for loving us!!

This was in my brothers pool.  We visited them before everyone started school and had our last dip in his pool.  The kids love it.

Ya gotta love this bike organization.

Thank you Jasmine for hanging with the kiddos and loving on them this last week.  We appreciate all you do.

Bad photo but Olivia and her good friend break dancing and jamming out. 

This little star loves to help with everything. 

Gabe got moved to the back seat so Abraham can sit in the middle seat.  

Washing their feet before bed...dirty little rascals

The kids were in heaven with this big coast guard ship.  Odin still wants to be in the coast guard.  They were wishing they could go hang on there for a bit.

Watch out for the hammock ninja.

The kids watching a pine cone burn around the fire.  They love throwing things in there to see what happens.  Their not piros or anything just being a kid.

Slugs.  They are so slimy and fun. Gabe loves slugs too...just like the other kids did.

She is such a marvel girl..I love it

Where did summer go?  It flew right by and we had a great time.  What a way to end it...just add a newborn baby in there that we have been praying for, for almost 6 years. Completely amazing. 
  God is truly faithful on his word and all in his timing.  Abraham is doing great for a fussy baby.  Took him to the Dr. for his first check up and he's almost 8 lbs.  He's getting up about every 2 hours and is eating good.  Just a tad fussy from 1:30 in the morning until 5 in the morning. He is doing great on the Nutramigen formula which of course is the most expensive one out there.  I called the company and asked for some coupons.  
All the kids are over the moon with him.  They have also waited and prayed this long.  They love kids. We have the timer set every 30 minutes so everyone gets a fair turn with him.  The timer gets a little old with this momma.  They were arguing about the baby more than anything these past few days.  

 Thank you so much for your continued love, support and prayers.
Thank you for all of your donations, meals, diapers, clothes, gift cards and gifts.  Thank you all for loving on us.
We greatly appreciate all you do and are so blessed to have you all in our lives.

Please keep praying for:

good sleep for Abraham

for Jeremiah to feel better

God to keep providing

 and for a hearing date for this little guy.

 Love Wins

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