Wednesday, September 16, 2015


when you stand for God you don't have to fear what people can do to you at
the lowest point in your life, it can be the greatest starting point for the greater things God wants to 

Love this

Finding it harder to write on this blog right now with a fussy babe at home.  Our social worker came yesterday and did a house visit.  She got to see him be fussy and thanked me for being so patient.   She doesn't have any kids.  It does take a lot of patience with a fussy baby and the kids are doing awesome with patience as well.  They get it.  
Not every day is rainbows and unicorns at our house.  We have been schooling a few weeks now and that is going great. Sometimes schooling looks like life at our house. We seem to finish by 11 and then do spelling, devotionals and maybe writing in the afternoon.    Every component of our homeschool is impacted by the presence of little people who need love from mama too.  

Flexibility is key here- when I get frustrated by the daily juggle of bigs and littles (and I do), I have to remind myself: you are where you are, and God meets you right there

The kids have been serving each other a lot lately which just makes me smile.  All on their own.  No prompting. I came across these pictures when Dave downloaded the camera.  I never even saw them do this or take the pictures.  They love to cook for people.

Thank you for the donations and meals this week.  We are so grateful.  We are so thankful for all of you loving on us.  Keep spreading the word.  We just have the attorney fees left to pay and the 2nd part of our adoption fee.