Monday, August 10, 2015

loving life and awesome kids

Dave and I doing a double date with some friends.  We rarely ever get to go out and enjoy some adult conversation.  It was well worth it.  Thanks for the fun night guys!
I've been working really hard at trying to get in more pictures.  My kids request.  They look at the photo books we gift them every year and get sad that there is no pictures of mom in there.  It's a bit hard when your the one always taking pictures. 

This guy has good days and bad days in the potty training department.  He some how pees in the bike trailer or the stroller and random places throughout the house.  The joys of potty training.

Olivia is a baking fool.  She keeps asking me if we can run a family restaurant. Not a day goes by where she doesn't mix or concoct something.  She is always cutting, sorting, sifting, mixing and stirring things.  Anything she can find.  This girl has big  dreams.  These are her mint pies and dirt cake.

We had a great time with my brother and his kids this week.  We usually only see him a few times a year.  It's and hour and a half drive so they stay all day and we just hang out or vice versa. 

The little stars got out the Lincoln logs again.  You gotta be in the mood to build with these things.  Olivia was building the Lumar and Star from Captain America 2 and Miah was building the cabin that was getting blown up.

Check that out.  Wicked cool!

These guys love obstacle courses homemade with stuff from the yard.

Gabe fell asleep on Olivia and she started to cry.  It brought back some memories of the last little boy we fostered.  She missed holding a baby.  She wanted to just hold Gabe while he slept.  Seriously all of my kiddos love babies.  They are anxiously waiting for the next one.  Love their hearts.

Olivia teaching Gabe how to bake chocolate chip cookies.
Love these pictures of them.

Olivia made this for art class this week.  So cute with the poppy seeds.

Some of the stars are highly addicted to clue right now.

They are back to sleeping all together in one room.  All 5 little stars.   They love to hang with each other.

Happy Monday!