Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bay Beach, trip to the ER, kid love

Every year we trek to Bay Beach and stay and play all day.  Left at 8:30 and got home by 7.  We pack lunches and hang out.  I love how cheap it is there.  We can spend $20 and it will last us all day.  It's cheap fun for our family and all the kids love it there.  Gabe didn't go on any rides.  We kept trying but it wasn't working.  This was the only one I got him on.  The train.

Can you tell he dressed himself?
He has jammie pants on.  They are one of his favorites.  

Miah's first roller coaster.  He was hilarious.  He wasn't sure if he should laugh, cry, scream, hold on or put his hands up.  He loved it.  

He's getting so big for a just turned 12 year old.  Maturing in so many ways right before our eyes. 

These 2 are roller coaster junkies.  I couldn't believe all the older people getting on and off this ride like it was no big deal.  It made my body sore. 

Gabe took these....pretty darn good for a 2 year old.

Love when you get a surprise in your lunch box...ant man rocks.

My favorite ice cream in the whole world...salted carmel from Scoops.  Just look at that...

Yes...we have gone back to the old Monopoly playing.  Really hang on for a fun time!

Olivia doing what she does best...weird things
She totally takes after her mother.

 play dates with dear friends all summer long

 Love this one..freckles are so special

Conquered another project for a $1.29
I loved it..minus the spacing on my writing that is totally off.
Wanted the kids to see it when they come down the stairs in the morning before school.

We managed to make a trip to the ER.  Actually my mom did with the kiddos.  I was with Dave at a Chief's conference. Gabe had gotten his foot sliced open.  It turned into a long wait at the ER and then Gabe was wired after that.  Must of been from whatever they gave him shots of.  

  (yes that's a tiny bit of nail polish leftover from his sister)

He managed to get 5 stitches that came out the next day at nap time.  They said they would have to re charge us for a visit. So then I just took him to our regular doc at Columbia St. Mary's.  They decided(2 Dr.'s) that they would be much better off just leaving it.  They would've had to cut it back open and then renumb him in 2 different spots and then stitch.  So it seems to be healing fine.  It just gets stomped on a lot from running around and wrestling.  He was a great sport though my mom said. 

Loving this last week of play dates with friends, more rummage stuff priced for next year, more foster care papers done, date night with Jonah, dinner at our dear friend's house, friends over here for dinner and home school coop registration.  Lots of memories being made.  
We will be getting last minute school stuff ready t week and a bit tied up with loving on my kiddos this last week before school. 
love them dearly.

Have a great Wednesday!!