Monday, April 27, 2015


We started the ticket program at the beginning of the year and it's going great. I've been sitting on it for awhile before, we just had to put it to use.  Each child has a clipboard with a cross off sheet.  Their sheet includes daily and weekly chores from dusting, cleaning the van, writing in their journals and sweeping.  They do their clipboards when they are done with school. On Sundays they get tickets for their weekly chores.  They all start out with a certain number of tickets.  They can lose some for not doing things the right way or forgetting to even do the chore at all.  They can also do extra chores that I have on a list for extra tickets.  My extra list is always completed.  It's really hard coming up with things for that list.  Gabe likes to take a sharpie and color all over the sheets.
They can save or spend them on certain things.  One guy in particular spends them weekly.  We made up a list of fun things to cash them in for with the kids.  Here are just a few:

3 tickets for chips or a special snack or treat
1 ticket for 5 minutes of screen time(you are only allowed to use 6 tickets a week on screen time)
16 tickets for a movie rental
16 tickets for an ice cream treat at Scoops or DQ
50 movie with popcorn at the cinema
20 tickets for a meal out
50 tickets for the planetarium
50 tickets for the Milwaukee Public Museum
50 tickets for the Pottery place in Appleton
and a few more.  

We found a huge roll of tickets online for only a few bucks and everything else I made from things at home.  It was a fun project and well worth the time and energy. So far so good.  The kids have been doing great with it. Have a great Monday!