Friday, April 24, 2015

Swings and camp funk picture

Trying to get a good camp funk picture.

Wrangling them up is the hardest.

Jumping of swings and on them is how you break things.  Jonah found that out last week.  He broke a bone on his left foot(looking at the picture), just under where your pinky toe begins.  Don't know the name of the bone.  He just has to wear tennis shoes and it should heal fine.  Hope this is not a sign of how our summer is going to go. 

Cheese balls

This is a clear reflection of the personalities of my crew.

We will try again on a new camp funk picture.   
We don't even have Gabe in the picture on the blog and it's really old.  Poor kid.
We love Fridays in the Funkhouser house.  Last day of school for the week. This weekend consists of more getting ready for the rummage, spring, and paperwork for something new we're working on.
 Thank you also for the donations for the rummage sale Jen and Jenny.  We greatly appreciate them. 

Hoping for some sunshine too.

God loves you, He cares for you and desires good for you.