Sunday, March 1, 2015

beauty to my ears

 I was putting Gabe down for a nap the other day.  I came out of our bedroom 20 minutes later and heard the 4 kiddos upstairs in Jonah's room.  I started to work on my Hogwartz castle lego set.  This darn thing has taken me a month but I finished it.  It will feel good to sell this thing at the rummage.  Very huge and frustrating.  My little stars stayed up there for 3 hours doing Legos together on the floor.  They came down periodically to get a snack or something to drink.  They each were working on a different set.  They were taking some apart and rebuilding them.  Really...too me that doesn't even sound fun. They were laughing and talking about their imaginations, rooms, what ifs, and life in general.  I just  kept going up there and checking on them and they were ear to ear in delight!

It felt weird downstairs by myself doing Legos. 
 We also made homemade carmels dipped in chocolate which were oh so creamy and divine.

This little man continues to keep us on our toes.  He is so much joy.  He never stops talking.  He loves playing with the kids and playing with all of his action figures.  I am trying to wake him up from his 2 hour naps because he has been harder to get to bed lately and he is still getting up twice a night. 

He is seriously picky.  Only eating the whole crackers.  

The kiddos were looking for extra work to do the other day so I offered them dusting high jobs. They already each dust their own rooms and the living room.  I just never do the high things.   I seriously hate dusting.  Just ask Dave...I never dust!  Don't come to my house and do the white glove test because you'll be completely disappointed.  

My fire stoker while he's schooling.  The kids started a fire every day this week.  If you know anybody that has cheaper wood for sale, feel free to let us know.

Have a joyful Sunday!