Thursday, February 26, 2015

valentines day

This was our valentines day mantel  last February with Dave's radiation countdown on. We are not Valentines people by any means but the kids always love a reason to have a scavenger hunt.  So that's just what we did.

Each kid has 10 bags with numbered hearts on.  They get their first clue with one heart on and it goes forward from there all the way up to 10 hearts.  They have little coupons in there for things they love.  Free hour of screen time, no chores for a day, free ice cream and a handful of chocolates.  They love it.  We do it every year. 

They all made cards for each other which were so cute and hilarious.  

This was Jeremiah's

Olivia got a little more crazy with things. Cutting up lace, pom poms and old cards.

Then she made these for Miah and Gabe.  Not sure what they are but they are so full of what's on her heart.  I love them!

We made sugar cookies and gingerbread houses with some friends of ours.  They ran around and played hide and seek and freeze tag too.

 We ended the night by chocolate dipping with favorite things.  We love to do this!

Thanks for loving on us and for your continued prayers.
We love you! 

**Candace thank you for your beautiful words .  Could you please email me so we could talk.