Monday, January 19, 2015


We have been rocken at our homeschool.  Everything has seriously been great.  Everybody has a little more patience and love in their hearts.  By the afternoon they are picking on each other in a brotherly sisterly sort of way though.  It's life and they are kids.  I love this adventure!!

Olivia worked on some glow in the dark science project she got for christmas.  It was from Barnes and Noble and it included making your own glow in the dark glow sticks and slime.  It was easy enough for her to do by herself.  She loved it. 

Someone was trying to fire at me as I was running into the bathroom. I love our nerf gun battles.

There is always time for kindness.   So we made these and shared them with some others. Baked goods can change the world and your waistline.

Almost done with my first 2 books of the year.  Love both of them and I suggest you read them.

Went to Cosmic Bounce in Sheboygan.  Thank you Auntie Annie for the gift card.  They had a blast and were a hot mess. 

This guy thinks he's Thor.  He loves to fly like Superman, and use his powers like iron man.   At times he's shooting arrows at orcs like Legolas and fighting them with his sword. 

These 3 are constantly drawing marvel or Lord of the Ring characters and goofing around at the table.  When Dave was gone last week we had some intense game playing going on.  Electronic battleship was fierce.  Gabe would come along when the game was almost finished and destroy it all.  The kids have great patience with him.  They are my jam. 

This guy is eating yogurt like crazy yet.  He eats about 48 ozs. a day.  Thankfully I get a sweet deal on it at the Woodlake Market.  Dave and I got talking on the way to church the other day though about diluting it with some milk and trying to make my own again.  The last time I tried I couldn't master the strawberry flavor.  I will try my hand at this again and see how it rolls.  It's a heck of a lot cheaper.  He only eats about 6 different things and this is one of his favorites.  

Hope you all had a grand weekend!!