Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dave update

Dave just had his 4th check up after radiation. For 2 years every 3 months Dave has to go to meet with his team at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota .We come back again in April, July, October, and January. We spend 2 days in Rochester Minnesota. Its a long 5 hour drive but worth the time since we fully believe through God's hands they saved Dave's life. The doctors are so wonderful and loving. 

This is our view from his floor...

Everyone there is so nice. Dave is doing very well overall. His sense of taste is coming back so he really has to watch his diet and make sure he continues to eat well. They want him to keep his plant based diet as much as possible. He doesn't have to become a vegetarian but they want him eating mainly veggies instead of meat. This is quite a change for him but Dave seems to know he has to do it and is not complaining at all. They also want him to continue to get plenty of good rest and not get too stressed out. This is hard to do for any of us but especially for Dave since he is so passionate about his job and his family. We're working on that too. He also needs to continue to exercise. His nerves are regenerating so it is becoming easier for him to do more. So far he walks and runs a little on the treadmill. Each week he does a little more. The scar tissue in his neck is OK. They told him as long as he does his stretches every day he should be OK. 

The worst part of the exams are when they use a special scope on Dave to look in his mouth and back of his throat. It is a tube with a camera on it and they run it up his nose and down the back of his throat. I never knew how much it hurt Dave because he never complained. I am amazed at his pain tolerance but this time it hurt pretty bad. His eyes were watering and he was wincing as they ran the tube up his nose. They have to do it but it must be awful. We were trying to count how many times he's had this done and stopped at about 30. It never gets easy for him. Good news is that they did not see anything of concern on the scope. After all was done they gave Dave another thumbs up and sent us home. He has to do some follow up tests here at home and can now go see the dentist. The dental work is going to be tough and costly. The radiation really messed up his teeth so we are not looking forward to what they will say he needs done. We're praying for peace on that part of this journey.  

Tried my hand at the lobby puzzle.  Got 4 pieces.  I would love to be the person who does the final leg of one of those things. I always wonder how long it takes to get done. 

Thank you for all your continued support and those of you who made this trip possible. Thank you mom and dad for watching half the kids and Jasmine watching the other half.  We couldn't do this without you.  This was a whirl wind of a week.  More on that to come.
We love you dearly!