Saturday, December 6, 2014

the hurting and 
Day 5
 (this post was from last year around the same time. When we were up at Mayo and  Dave was  going through his neck dissection)
While we ate free soup and rolls at the Comfort Suites last night
the lobby was bustling with a ton of people
cold crisp winter wind blowing through the automatic doors
they have a great patient rate 
 you get the pool
free breakfasts and free soup, rolls and cookies every night
it's a great deal for a family
we are the only family there

I feel like all eyes are on us
so many hurting
oxygen tanks
hair loss
sad and heavy hearts
it just breaks you
you wish you could do more for them
it's hard for the kiddos to not ask questions about what they see or hear
so we save the conversation for the hotel room instead
the littles talk so loud and are so innocent about stuff
I feel like they are going to ask us to leave soon for being to loud in this place
crazy kids running up and down the hallways
I know the patients are all in a good place
but it doesn't take away the hurt or pain they are going through
it's hard to know what to say or to talk about with them
but were trying to be that little bit of sunshine in their dark days
honestly I thank God for those broken places

 Broken places heal stronger

I’ve learned in the valley when you’re face to face with grief and pain and change,

 God doesn’t always make sense.

The darkness in our lives only makes Jesus shine brighter. 
Isaiah 41:10 “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.  Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you.  I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.”

I believe we are created for two reasons: to fellowship with God and to bring Him glory.

I want to do both.

Even when neither make sense.

*We brought Dave a balloon at work for his 1 year cancer anniversary.  I had all the kids write 10 things they love about their dad.  Like.... not just put down some adjectives... memories.  It was so sweet to see what they hold close to their hearts.  Misspellings and all.

Miah-he got a free card since he does not like writing.




Day 5

(for some reason I couldn't get it to flip)

*We brought some books that my little stars picked out and we put them in the mall play area for kiddos to take.  Then we ended up running into a homeless man in Appleton and bought him some lunch. He was a sweet man walking with all of his belongings and wearing brokenness on his face. He praised God and thanked him for the food.  Some of my children had a hard time on the way home after this.  They just want to bring homeless people to our house to live.  They want to give more and help more.  Which is something we have been praying about as a family.  That God would keep breaking our hearts for what breaks his and glorifying him in the process.  Love their hearts. 
Have a great Saturday!