Sunday, December 7, 2014

Day 6, baking and sledding fun..

 * Gabe's's name is tee dah!

*hot cocoa and chocolate chip coffee cake for breakfast.

*this guy loves to paint.  the messier the better.

*some serious Broncos fans

*Hot cocoa stand

*Jonah passed out on this guy...

*We had a great thanksgiving.  Ate brat burgers, taco dip, spinach dip and did some chocolate dipping. Dave worked all day and had a full day.

*Dave got the tree with the kiddos and decorated this year. I somehow got a migraine through all of it and took a nap. They did an awesome job.

*My brother and his kids came for a visit too.  We did more sledding with them, hung out and played and talked.

*My brother's little one passed out by the door.

* We have gone sledding the last few days. At least two or three times a day. It has been super fun.  We sent Gabe down and told him to lie down straight like a pencil and he flew. No fear!!

 Day 6...

pretzel bark..

 rolo goodness..

*So each kid picked somebody and we drove around delivering.  Totally hilarious because they love to ring the door bell and run. We always get busted!  Just not fast enough on the getaway part. Some people couldn't grasp the whole kindness thing and some were not home so we left them in their mailboxes.

Gabe keeping busy...

delicious donuts from my dad
chocolate on fave.

Happy Sunday!!