Thursday, August 28, 2014

Update on Dave

Dave is doing well overall. He finished his physical therapy a few weeks ago and has over 70% mobility in his head and neck which everyone is quite pleased with. He only had 30% when he started so this is a great improvement.

Dave has gained some weight back too. He is eating very healthy and slowly over time a few pounds come back each week. He has gained back 15 of the 62 pounds he lost and feels a little stronger every week. His muscles still ache after a full day of work but some rest sitting on the front porch or playing with Gabe brings him right back. He recovers a lot faster than he has so it is exciting to see.

He is not supposed to run or lift any weights yet but he is walking a lot to help which they told him would really help his lymph nodes.

His mouth sores come and go. Every bite of food is a test. Anything with vinegar, spices, citrus fruits, and garlic really cause his mouth to flare up with lots of blisters. He reads the labels on everything and reads the menus a lot more too. One bite can mean hours of misery so he tries to stick to very bland foods and drinks.

It’s sad because he really liked to eat a good meal but now there is no joy in it at all. Dave says “I eat for fuel, not for fun” but he considers it nothing to be upset about because he is alive.

we also just got back from another state park camping trip before school starts.  Just got back yesterday so I need to download my pictures yet.  We had an awesome time.  

Got things ready for another year of homeschooling.  Super stoked about having Olivia home with us.  We are using Heart Of Dakota again.  We are super excited for some of our friends to be doing this curriculum too this year. Cannot say enough awesome things about this Christian curriculum. The kiddos love it.  The only thing we switched up was new spelling.  We are doing All About Spelling.  We have one that has a harder time spelling so hoping this will get us back on track.  

We are picking Auntie Annie up today for a visit with us.  She will be here until the following Saturday.  Super happy and excited about that.  The kids are excited she will be here for their first week of school.    

you say smile and this is what he does.  This little big man is so much fun and just makes you smile.  He loves to sing and play the guitar. 

this guy thinks he's a ninja and is excited about school.  He likes the playing part more instead of the learning right now.  Hoping this changes.  Getting him to read and write is like pulling teeth.  First grade will be good for him. 

Trying to work on some changes in the house here and on the blog.  Jut haven't had much time to work on them.  Summer went to fast and I'm trying to squeeze in every last ounce of hanging out with my kids all day doing nothing before school starts.  It always makes me emotional.  I can always feel it coming.