Monday, August 18, 2014

beautiful things and school

Jonah's favorite shoes that I keep putting in the garbage....somehow they keep making their  way back in our house.  He said he would use them for lawn cutting.

ya think the kid would get a ton of blisters....

we tend to just hang out on the floor and read all the time
looks like Gabe is catching on.

I am taking a break from writing for a bit.  I have to prep for school and get all my home school stuff ready.  I was waiting for a few more things to come yet.  We are super excited.  We have always done some school all summer and now we will be starting in September.  I love diving into new curriculum. The kiddos are so excited too.  Olivia is joining us this year which will be great.  It'll be a whole new ball game with her along for the ride.  She's got some crazy energy with a little added drama. Enjoying the last days of our summer with everyone.