Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ending week 2 of recovery

Overall Dave is doing well.
the skin on his neck is healing very well and he no longer needs to wear his bandages
it almost looks totally normal
the hair that he lost is coming back in 
inside his mouth and throat are still raw and sore but they are getting better too
he is able to eat more solids and has been experimenting with different foods to see what he can eat
his weight has been stable this week and he has only lost a couple pounds
Dave is still suffering from fatigue and takes naps in the morning and afternoon but next week we start more physical exercises which should help with the fatigue

this little man is still making lots of  messes

he loves to empty all of our bags

he's got a thing for his boots on with no pants

keep the prayers coming for Dave to get off some of the pain medicine
thank you for all of your prayers and blessings
God is Good