Wednesday, March 5, 2014

indoor  snow & another crazy Monday

these last weeks of cold weather is driving us stir crazy inside
so we made some inside snow
it was so fun and so messy
if you don't like messes I would steer clear from this
All you do is combine a can of cheap having cream and a box of cornstarch and have the kiddos mix away
it was so gushy and fun
I had a blast playing with it.  


he was making the wall of Jericho

the boys had figurines and Lego's in theirs

Gabe decided to add play dough to his
he didn't even try to eat it

their snowman

when they were done I couldn't resist

The last few Mondays seems to be crazy for us here at the Funk's
last week the van, washer and faucet
this week
Gabe has strep again
got pulled over on the way home by a nice young officer
 silly me I was trying to reach for the bottle on the floor and accelerated doing it
didn't even see him pass me
I felt a tad nervous when he pulled me over
it's been a long time
then got home and in about 10 minutes Gabe hits his head on the chair
and gashes his eyelid

otherwise we are doing ok
thank you for your continued prayers for Dave's healing
it's going slow but we are getting there