Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our  Daily Random Acts of Kindness for Advent
have begun.....

for the month of December we bless others with random acts of kindness
we like to do this all year but it's funner in December because we do it everyday like an advent calender
December 1st

Odin was up first so 
we stopped at Walmart on the way home after church and got a gift card
he set out and searched for a senior
 he found a cute elderly man looking for jewelry for his wife
the little grandpa said, hey thanks kid!

December 2nd

We found some construction workers working outside to bless
they were very thankful for the hot cocoa
my camera decided to take a dive so I had to send it into Cannon
I will be using the kiddos until I get mine back

 we ventured home and started on our Christmas decorations

Down with the thankful tree
 (love the misspelled words)

and up with the real tree
thanks mom and dad for getting us a tree and putting it up 

 Thank you for all your continued prayers....