Monday, December 2, 2013


What a fog these past few weeks have been
talk about emotions
they come for all of us in waves
the first week was by far the hardest for all of us
not knowing what was around the next corner
It seems like all of our friends that are cancer survivors seem to say that 
the first few weeks are the worst 
until you get a surgery or treatment under your belt
 they were totally right
if the kiddos saw us crying the first week
they would start to cry and wonder if something more was going on
if you know our kiddos they have big hearts and are seriously sensitive
they understand what they can with the little we tell them
 they know we serve an awesome GOD and

their faith is so BIG

Dave is still in a lot of pain
His throat hurts the worst and burns really bad

Tylenol wasn't cutting it anymore
So he started taking his Rx medicine which has helped

mashed potatoes are the only thing  he can eat right now but even they are tough on him
He drinks a lot of water but when he does sleep his mouth dries out really bad

we did get our next appointment to meet the Radiologist
December 9th  at the Mayo Clinic 
Looks like he may need radiation treatment 5 days a week for 6 weeks
We should know more when we have that first appointment and we hope we can have the treatments done somewhere closer to home
I cannot express how grateful we are for all your love and support and generous donations
we seriously couldn't do this without all of you working together for us

Please pray for rest and sleep and for him to get stronger every day.
My circumstances have changed, but my God hasn’t changed.

My hope is in Him.

My trust is in Him.