Saturday, December 7, 2013

December 6th

we go to a parking lot and randomly put these on the windows

the best part is watching and waiting for the people go to their cars
it is so much fun
this time it was great
the one truck Jonah put one on took it off and read it and went and put it on the car next to him

 December 7th

(Spidey is trying to get into the bag)
we decided since we did the balloons in MN we just brought goodies to all the staff
and thanked them for all their hard work 

this little man likes to climb in my cabinets and drawers and throw everything out
he found an open bag of M&M's
and decided to dump them out and  start eating as fast as he could

Have a super Saturday!
We have had some seriously yummy meals dropped off here and we appreciate them so much along with all the great fellowship.
Love you all dearly!