Friday, December 6, 2013

December 5th

each kiddo chose a different person to write too
Odin and Olivia wrote 
to a sick child through this website

 Jonah wrote to Grandma Mimi
Jeremiah drew a picture for 
a local dad that touched his heart
we also gathered a bunch of baby food for the food pantry in town
Olivia is making jungle bell rings because everyone needs one

these 2 reading the news in the morning

Gabe decided that Hans Solo needed to swim in my smoothie this morning
(remember terrible camera)
Dave is almost done with his medicine and doing better with eating
he downed some eggs and mashed potatoes yesterday
we will be off to Minnesota on Monday morning very early
and my mom will have the kiddos
I will post something as soon as we know what the plan is
thank you for your continued prayers, love and support
we love you dearly!