Thursday, December 12, 2013

baking...and December
kindness advent catch up

we made uplifting cupcakes the other day just for fun
these kiddos love to bake
it doesn't matter what season it is

                                                       Jeremiah's bird cupcake

                                                        Jonah got a little crafty

i forgot where I was at for our kindness advent 
with everything going on my days were getting mixed up not being at home and all
usually not like me at all to be forgetful or a tad disorganized
life gets messy and you move on 

the kiddos were on it back home though with Grandma
they just have a tendency to ask to do more every day
which throws everything off my well planned list
ya know me and lists go hand in hand
I am not a spontaneous person by any means
December 9th

 my mom and the kiddos took some books to the Dr.s office and left them there for some other kiddos to enjoy 
December 10th

we decided to make a whole bunch of different chocolate barks and bless the neighbors and the bank with some goodies 
the kiddos thought it was funny that the bank gave them a treat in return

December 11

the kiddos went to the library for Lego day yesterday
I had given Olivia a $20 bill towards somebodies library fines
I told her to go upstairs and pay somebodies fine and just put the change in your pocket and come back down
she came down in about 10 minutes and I asked her for the change
she says
while I just went a head and paid $20 worth of book fines for a bunch of different people
she was so excited
I guess I should of been more clear with her
too funny

Dave is off to the dentist this morning
the next step before radiation
praying they will not need to do much
as far as money goes and his mouth is very sore still
thank you for your continued support and prayers.