Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PET Scan  

We have a mix of good and bad news.
Dave had his PET Scan yesterday and the doctor called us with good news last night. The scans show the cancer is just in his neck and the rest of his body is all clear. 

They were really concerned that it had started in his lungs or throat but everything is clear. 


The bad news is the cancer in his neck is still very bad and he is at a stage 4 diagnosis which is very serious. The doctors told us they have confirmed it is a viral cancer which explains why he never had any common cancer symptoms. There is a really fancy medical term for it but it doesn’t really matter what they call it.
He has cancer and we have to beat it. 
When he was in the Dr.'s office in June getting a biopsy there was no cancer
and now it's November and it's stage 4
The cancer is very aggressive so he is going to need very aggressive treatment to stop it.

A week from today Dave has another surgery scheduled. They want to do a bunch more biopsies to make sure it is not anywhere else in his head or neck. Even with the clear scan, they just want to make sure. They also want to take out his tonsils and do more lab tests before they come up with a full treatment plan. He’ll be out at least 2 weeks from that surgery.

While he is recovering from the 2nd surgery we will meet with the cancer treatment team. Right now it appears they want Dave to have a combination of both Radiation and Chemotherapy to fight this. That might be 6-8 weeks for that treatment. We are already preparing for it with some good  meals, no sugar diet, and lots of vitamins to really push up Dave’s immune system. 
He has a terrible immune system and we need him as healthy as possible.

Dave went back to work today for a few days to wrap things up before his surgery next week. This is going to be a long and painful battle for him and for us but we are determined to beat this.

There are still a lot of questions but we at least now have a diagnosis and some direction. We are also getting a 2nd opinion from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN.

Thank you so much for all of your support.

PLEASE keep the prayers coming.

They mean a lot to us and especially to Dave.

Love Jill