Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to school(full time) we go.....

It is always sad for  me too send the other 2 littles away from momma all day
I somehow can have the patience for 10 loud and crazy kids at my house but I don't think I have the patience to teach them so young yet. 
Maybe by the time I get to Gabe....MAYBE

I love home schooling
and this year we have Jonah with us
so it will be Odin, Jonah and Gabe home with me.
I schooled all the kiddos all summer with math.  
Once Olivia saw me doing math with the boys she wanted in.
  Jeremiah another story...
That's just say Kindergarten will be interesting for him.  
He really doesn't care to write or do anything school right now
he is seriously funny though.. 

Odin will be going into 5th grade 
we are doing the Creation to Christ curriculum from Heart of Dakota
 I cannot say enough about this curriculum
love love love it!
Then for math we do Saxon and love this as well.
We did add a typing program but have not tried it yet. 
 So I will let you know how it is once we get into it.  

Jonah will be in 3rd grade and doing 
Bigger Hearts for His glory 
through Heart of Dakota as well.
He is super excited and also wanted to start this summer.
love how they are so excited to learn and they love to read
these two are excited to be together this year

forgot to get a picture...bad momma

Olivia will be in the 2nd grade at the public school
she is super excited
can you tell by her outfit she picked out
I love this girl
she totally takes after me with her spunk

Jeremiah will be in full day Kindergarten
he is excited but a little unsure yet

We had our traditional ice cream sundaes for breakfast this morning as well
that is right..fill them up with sugar so they can pass out in a few hours


hope you all had a great first day!