Saturday, August 31, 2013

photo books 

Every Easter the kids get a photo book 
the book contains all the pictures of the year before
I started this about 4 years ago and they loved it.  
They would like me to go back and make some from when they were born as well.
    I am not a scrap booking person but I love these
My kiddos are not into what the book looks like at all, they just love and want all the pictures
When they look at them they all get so sad because they know they are growing up 
They all want to stay small
I wanted the same thing when I was little too
never wanted to get older

I make our books through Shutterfly 
I download the pictures continually and then work on every kids book once a month 
this way I stay on top of it
At Easter they have so many sales and coupons you are usually able to get 2 or 3 books free
It is an awesome gift for 
and can be really cheap if you watch for sales..