Thursday, August 8, 2013

the day I wish I had a phone with a camera on....

I was getting ready to take my run when it was dark out the other day
and just organizing the things I had in my hand 
All of a sudden I heard this really weird noise that sounded like something beating really fast
kind of like a heart beat outside of the body
I just started my run and all of a sudden
I got knocked to the ground
As I was struggling to get the things in my hand 
I look behind me and low and behold it is one of these...
Seriously, who would've thought I could actually get knocked down from a deer
I think I spooked her and she was in a spot where it was pitch black
I just watched her run clippity clap across the road into the neighbor's yard
I tell you what...
I have never been so shaken in a long time
the rest of my jog then all I could think about was this doe keeping an eye on me....
totally weird
the kiddos thought it was hilarious

Later on that same day in the evening
I ran to get some groceries at Walmart 
I was coming out of the store and couldn't help but notice a interestingly dressed man/women standing by his jeep and my car.
I thought to myself what is this?
I have never seen a cross dresser that looked so bad in my life 
and he was parked right next to me
he had on a fluorescent green tight mini skirt and a lace see through top with a ginormous stuffed bra
that looked terrible
to top it off he had some seriously tan pantyhose on with his hair tucked nicely in there with white sandals on
nicely moussed grey short hair
about 6'5 and about 250 pounds

he seriously looked this bad
As I tried to contain myself walking next to him
I was about in tears already....
I asked him what he was doing and he said he was waiting for someone
I said ohhh ok
I am unpacking my groceries in my trunk at this time and he proceeds to get in his front seat with the door open. 
(I had pulled through the parking space so my trunk was by his front door)
I said why are you hiding...I'm not he said kind of snotty
God sees you  ya know
he continued to bite his nails
as I was closing the trunk I just told him that I would pray for him and he looked at me like I was crazy and told me he didn't need any prayers
I left baffled and in shock
part of me felt so bad for this guy and wanted to talk to him about Jesus and the other part of me couldn't gain my composer from laughing so hard
I told the kiddos later on and they did not think it was funny and could not understand why someone would do that
oh I just wish I had a camera with me then...