Monday, August 12, 2013

We took one nice camping trip to Door County
It rocked
we had so much fin hanging out
nice weather and lots of fun memories
Gabe did not like his bike helmet 
every time we went for a ride the poor guy got a head full of dirt

               the kiddos love to leave notes of encouragement for whomever passes by

                                                                this is our campsite

        these 2 little rascals love playing in this and making anything with rocks, dirt and water

                                          Gabe likes the tent as much as the big boys do.  
                                                            they loved sleeping in there. 
                                             thanks for the awesome gift Auntie Annie

                                                    the  cage worked great for Gabe
                               I never owned one of these things with the other kiddos
                                       he was constantly trying to eat rocks and sticks

                                   Making name pancakes for the kiddos with M & M's in.
                                       My dad always made these minus the chocolate

their favorite place
Sister Bay

                                                        I love that my handsome grey
                                                  haired husband can still do back flips!

these kiddos love to help

going for some nature walks

I am not sure what is going on here....

 too much swimming for this kid

 his riding buddy on the long hauls

Olivia's added touch

testing out the dirt here in Door County

Papa and Nanee came for the day

We dig s'mores and camping!