Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reading Marathon

Over a 5 day span the kiddos did a crazy reading marathon
between 3 kids they read 15 chapter books
it was great...but too quiet in the house for me
they seem to do this every once in awhile
they just keep reading book after book

then I noticed the middle 2 seem to be a little bit competitive
and see who can keep reading without stopping.
too much for me....I am one of those readers who can only read for about 30 minutes
otherwise I forget everything I just read
I have terrible comprehension

it's been kind of quiet at our house lately with strep and other various colds going on
 trying to get Gabe to sleep has been the biggest challenge
he is a tough little babe to get down
a lot of work goes into getting  him to close his beautiful blue eyes
nothing like the other kiddos
he likes a lot of movement and blankets in his face,
which I think came from the eating issues we had with him for the first 4 months
he just couldn't figure out what was bothering him and how to go to bed with a hurting belly
 just praying for him to sleep good in his crib